About Us

CrossFit programming may seem random to the client and that’s a good thing! But the fact is that CrossFit workouts are in reality anything but random. Great CrossFit coaches make sure everything is well thought out weeks or sometimes months ahead of time. That’s the difference between joining a mediocre box and an exceptional one. We are indeed the latter. CrossFit workouts need to account for many different domains. The “unknown and unknowable” is one of CrossFit’s key concepts. However, this is only in regards to the client. The programmer should know everything being thrown at an athlete and why.   At CrossFit Bastion we know exactly what you need because we’ve lived it, studied it, tested it, put it into practice and take our jobs seriously so can feel confident about putting your trust in us.

Meet Our Coaches

Pat McGovern

Owner, Olympic Lifting/Powerlifting Coach


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certified
  • CrossFit Level 2 Certified
  • CrossFit Powerlifting
  • CrossFit Gymnastics
  • NSCA Personal Trainer
  • Travis Mash Learn 2 Lift Seminar
  • Underground Strength Olympic Lifting 1 and 2.
  • Enderton Strength L1 Olympic Lifting Seminar
  • Stan Efferding Performance Seminar

I was overweight for most of my life and never thought of exercise as any fun. That was however until I started running in college and found a love for training I never knew I had. Running was great for burning through my fat, but it also torched my muscle so I added weight training to my program.  I made huge gains in the beginning but then started to plateau.  It was around this point that I saw the CrossFit games on ESPN and was hooked.  Upon finishing college I signed up for CrossFit and I’ve been shattering goals ever since. One of these goals was to help change people’s lives through enhancing their fitness. Becoming fit changed my life for the better and I’m working every day to help others feel that same sense of accomplishment.

Part of that journey involves helping each individual on a daily basis.  I personally have competed in CrossFit events, Powerlifting, and Olympic Lifting.  I thrive on learning more about each individual sport and I use the knowledge I have gained in my years in the industry to create the best strength programs available.  This is not just a hobby of mine, this is my life.  This is what makes me thrive.

Choosing to walk through our door is the first step on your fitness journey, but rest assured you will not be embarking on it alone.  I will be with you through it all.

Juana Garcia


Growing up I was always an athlete, I grew up playing soccer from the age of four. I played club soccer my whole life, and varsity soccer my whole high school career. I also played varsity volleyball  my high school career and ran track and field. In college being that I was double major in biology and chemistry, I was unfortunately unable to play sports, being that my studies were to demanding of my time that I could not give to play sports. I joined the cycling club at Stony Brook University and that’s when my cycling career began. I am now a dual athlete, and have won many individual races in the sport.
I found CrossFit through a friend, so in December of 2015 I decided to join CrossFit and since then have been a CrossFit athlete. I have been incredibly lucky and have met great friends and great coaches along the way. In 2017 I decided to take the CrossFit level 1 and since then I have been coaching athletes along the way.
  • PhD of Biochemistry
  • Biochemist in Neurobiology and behavior at Stony Brook University
  • November 2017, CrossFit kettlebell course
  • December 2017, CrossFit level 1 trainer
  • CrossFit running and judges course
  • The Stony Brook School varsity volleyball coach
  • 2019, Second fittest woman in El Salvador

The Facility

CrossFit Bastion is a 5,500 square foot facility that is fully equipped for all your CrossFit needs! We boast enough equipment to comfortably hold classes of 15+ people, 2 showers for your convenience, lockers, and plenty more. Along with Standard CrossFit classes we will also be offering both Olympic and Powerlifting classes, also known as Bastion Barbell Club.

As one of the largest CrossFit facilities on Long Island, combined with a top notch training staff, we pride ourselves on creating the best possible atmosphere for our athletes to succeed!